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01.sept.2002: view from a bridge large


view from a

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you are home
..i am away
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j'aime donc je suis
- isolé - august 2002 - large

guilt and fear
august 2002
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cute - large
November 2002

naht - isolé
- august 2002
violaine july 2002

ehst. gallery of modern hearts. wallpainting: isolé, keto, espoir, diadem

anymale triste
14. sept. 2002

the fine love
of isolé
d'espoir - august 2002

warten auf mich - june (?) 2002 - large

antrophozän august 2002
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non -gomh:

view from
the bottom
mein beton
- deine welt
:august 2002

hope and try
(dirty mix) june (?) 2002
@ the messed wall

everything that
we know

hugged by
a planet -
august 2002

recit de so
i s o l é september 2002
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skills july(?)

heartsredux july 2002

the basic illusion..
is you
august 2002


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all the things we can do, may break our neck
all those wings [necks] that we broke, will not fly [bounce] again
so we do some harm and break some dawn : "you know: the grown is
where harm is.."

We bring the sun up, set the sun, bring the sun down.

I hear this broken voice like it would be still beside my ear.
Somebody helped the mindman to leave the leaves, helped him to be leaves
instead of steady being in believe.

"Believe in me as I believe you."
I believe in youth. The kitten of youth. There might be another
picture soon. Right no-w-here it's just no real illusion,
but a disillusioned realness: the feeling of breathing real breath,
the outpouring of your life as she stands so close to me,
it just seemed for a second, there couldn't be any isolé again.

We kneel down as we we kneel young in the slow waters
of evolutioning ourselfs using the ex-perience,
becoming the peril experts. Paint or perish. Become experished.
Experishmentality. The human medicine.



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