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akut: bombing in ehst.

88&WIRcat - 2002
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jan 2003


PolluIt.summer 2001

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nov 2002


junotschsekaja ljubow -
august 2002- ehst.


terror@the messed wall - august 2002

somewhen 2002

two of us december 2001

streetfly dec. 2001
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liebe-jugend - august 2002

jugendliebe - jugendliebe - summer 2001
"Historische Aufnahmen":

1998? photo:2002



isolé 1999



still: i smell the sweet note of being outside the normatics. narcotics. newRotical.
still We are not about Hip Hop.
still Art is not about Hip Hop:
still Hip Hop can be artistique somehow.
still: we can be someheart. still we labelize it. still it is: life. still we stand, when we stand still.
still: waters run deep and sky is still wide open - offshore.
still: i hear the still small voice of the small piece of metal - probably it was a key to somewhat -
drawing a face or some thing into the thin layer of dew at the railing, this morning.
still: Underneath the understanding: it was just still. still: the good ship. still we search:
'cause we still did not find the limits of eternity yet:
still: not our own.
still: it's the same cold coat we slip, because it will be still winters homecoming very soon.
still: we tumble between climate and climax: dry low. still we remove promptly.
still no bleach. still skin. still flesh: and there's still flash on the internet.
still: internext means connected future|perspectives.
still: future is certainly uncertain.

still: in love. still i am: life.

- 15.September 2002 : 16:11 -

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